“A man gotta have a code. ”—Omar Little, The Wire

1. Customers come first (see what we did there?).
2. We are not robots.
3. We are always open (which is handy). We are online 24/7 so feel free to contact us at any time about an order, if you need help with an order, if you want to know more about a book, whatever. We will reply as soon as we can. If we are busy we may not be able to reply immediately but we will do our best. Be patient we will reply.
4. We only stock books that we think are good (if we don’t stock an author who you think we should stock, convince us. Write us why we should include them and maybe we will)
5. What consitutes a good book. Hard to define what makes a good book. We follow Justice Potter Stewart definition of pornography, I don’t know what it is “but I know it when I see it.”
6. Ideas are free, but you have to pay for the book.
7. Readers before publishers. We support writers and will buy from publishers where possible. But if doing so is prohibitively expensive we reserve the right to buy from the marketplace. If a book is available cheaper elsewhere we will try to find the source. We care about authors. The best way we can think of to support them is to get as many people reading their books as possible.
8. Credit where credit is due. If we cite an author or choose to stock a book on an author’s recommendation it is only fair we mention them.
9. We buy books. If you have books you want to sell email with biblio info. and condition, and where possible a photo. We will agree price and pay in your preferred mode on receipt of book in described condition.
10. There is no 10. Sometimes there are only 9 things.